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Fifteen Candles

JB Goods is celebrating 15 years of business

in Nashville, IN. 

Prior to 2001 our small retail store in Nashville, Indiana carried a small selection of the Life is good® line. We loved the LIG items and felt that handling just a few of the items didn’t do the line justice. We chose to revamp our business plan and the result is our two fun, friendly, interactive retail environments that showcase the entire line.

Our two shops are located on the north side (yellow house on North VanBuren St.) and south side of Nashville (log cabin shop in Calvin’s Place), each carrying separate portions of the Life is good® line. Looking for the latest designs? – check out the North store. Interested in kids clothes, pet items, and great discount sales? – come visit the South store too!

JB Goods is a family owned business with three full time employees: Mike, Jake and Josh. Ever wonder where the shop name came from?  It stands for John and Bert or the J brothers (Jake and Josh).

Now we come to 2016 and are celebrating the 15 fun and eventful years we have had so far. Many loyal customers from near and far are now considered family and we are excited about meeting new folks everyday!

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